We live in challenging times. We are confident we could have safely hosted these trials, as we did in October.  However, the understandable concern among exhibitors and volunteers for the increasin incidences of the Covid virus has left us no choice but to cancel this event.

If you mailed your entries, your checks have not been deposited and will be shredded. If you used Perr Bucks to pay for any portion of your entries, your PerryBucks will be returned to you via USPS.

Since forwards all funds to the Trial Secretary, those who entered on Trial Toaster will receive a CHECK refund from the Trial Secretary (in accordance with the Usage Agreement). Note that a
cash refund will not include the usage fees, as the banks have those funds. Your cash refund will be in the full amount of your entry fees.  Alternatively, has offered to email its members a Voucher for future entries if desired rather than receiving a cash refund. Please make that request by November 30th if this is your preference. Vouchers are fully transferable to other people and can be used online for entries or printed and mailed with your paper entry if you prefer to enter using regular mail. If you entered via TrialToaster, please allow 2-3 weeks for a refund via check. The full credit card processing cycle must complete as well as funds transferred from

We deeply regret not seeing our many friends at this event and we hope that you stay safe as you enjoy the holidays and welcome a new year full of better possibilities. We are eager to resume our events starting with our February 19-21 trials at Radda’s and seeing you run clean and healthy.

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December 2020 Entry form

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Interactive Entry Form