We do not advertise puppies for sale through our web site. We will occasionally refer prospective puppy owners to breeders that we are assured adhere to the highest level of ethics in breeding. That would include as a minimum membership in the Weimaraner Club of America, membership in a local Weimaraner club, and adherence to the WCA Code of Ethics. We would also expect a demonstrated effort to learn about the Weimaraner breed, knowledge of the major bloodlines in the breed, and personal participation in activities involving Weimaraners. If you are a breeder that meets this criteria and would like to be included in such referrals you may contact us.



(and some correct answers)

  • Why did you breed this litter?

Good Answer: Both the sire and dam have something valuable to offer the breed (this is followed by a list of positive qualities, ie, good temperament, wonderful conformation, great field ability and/or trainability).
Not good answers: To recover the cost of Buffy, to allow our children to experience the miracle of birth, our friend had a male.

  • Are you a member of a Weimaraner Club (national or local)?

Good Answer: Yes, followed by name of club.

  • What titles do you have on your dogs?

Good Answer: Something to show that someone other than the owner thinks the bitch and the dog involved in the breeding are worthy.
Not good answer: The puppies are all registered by the (anything but the American Kennel Club) which is just as good as the AKC.

  • Do you have the certificate from OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) showing that the bitch and the dog have clear hips?

Good Answer: Yes, I have the certificate on the bitch and a copy of the certificate on the dog.

  • Who is your vet? May we call him/her for a reference?

Good Answer: Of course. Here’s the number.

  • How many litters has this bitch had?

Good Answer: No more than 3 if she is 5, no more than 2 if she is 3-4 and 1 if she is 2-3 years old. Note: any breeder who can’t get a puppy to continue their line in 3 litters should not be breeding unless extenuating circumstances exist.

  • Will you take the dog back at any time during his life if, for any reason, we can’t keep him/her?

Good Answer: The ONLY correct answer to this question is “Yes, of course!”
Important Notes:

When you go to look at the dogs/puppies, leave your checkbook and your heart at home. Take your BRAIN with you. Many sad, sad stories have occurred because of impulse buying or because they couldn’t “leave” the puppy there. If the conditions are bad, call animal control and our rescue committee. Don’t reward the unscrupulous behavior or they will repeat it. If you find a puppy, any breeder worth their salt will hold the puppy for you for a day or so until you make up your mind and return with a check.

Check references. Run far away if they can’t give you any.

Look around the breeders’ home: Where are the puppies housed? Where are the adults housed and exercised? Remember that puppies begin their life pattern on day one. Are they indoor dogs? Hint: They should be.

This puppy will be a family member for the next 12-15 years. So do your best to make a good decision. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to Contact Us.