Our club is dedicated to the advancement of the Weimaraner as a sporting dog.  To that end we are quite heavily involved in the following specific areas.

Agility is a sport you may have seen where the dogs are jumping through tires, over teeters, across dog walks, up and over A-frames and climbing through tunnels.  It is almost as fun to watch as it is to compete.  There are Novice Classes as well as Classes that will challenge the most advanced.

Barn Hunt is a new sport that has become a huge favorite amongst dog fanciers, and yes, the Weims love it too.

Conformation is probably the most famous of events.  It is an event like this that gets televised internationally and yields great prestige for those dogs that title.  The winning dogs bring huge rewards in breeding fees for their owners.

Hunt Tests and Field Trials are what sporting dogs are all about.  These are great fun for their owners and the dogs get to do what is natural for them – so they love it too..