Get a Weimaraner

So you think you want to own a Weimaraner…..WELL

Do you intend to share your bed, your furniture, your food (if he can beg hard enough), your friends, your car, and most of all –MOST OF YOUR SPARE TIME with your grey friend?

If your answer is yes to 90% of these questions, you MIGHT want a Weimaraner.

Are you planning to go each week to obedience, conformation, agility or some other class in order to train your Weimaraner only to have him act like he’s never been out of the house the first time you want him to show off for friends?

If you can handle this kind of abuse, you MIGHT want a Weimaraner

If you can stand to feed him, walk him, play with him, train him, let him sleep on your bed and share your life only to have him go NUTS whenever he sees your friend who brings him a little steak treat each time he comes to your house then…..

You MIGHT want a Weimaraner

The quality of the Weimaraner you will be sharing the next 12-14 years of your life with is directly related to two things.

The quality of the genes that produced him.
When you buy from a breeder who is planning the breeding to provide themselves with quality dogs to show, hunt behind or do performance events with, you get the benefit of that knowledge, research and planning in your puppy –even if he will just be your couch potato buddy.

The manner in which he is raised and trained.
If you do not have the time or inclination to spend a good deal of the first year of your puppy’s life taking him to training classes, the park, friends houses, etc., then you might want to look at getting an older dog. Our rescue program has many wonderful older dogs who will adapt much faster than a puppy and make wonderful pets.

As with most things in life, the end product is a result of the ingredients plus careful, timely, dedicated handling of those ingredients.

If you still want a puppy and you are really ready to dedicate the effort it takes to properly raise a Weim puppy then contact us and we can point you in the right direction for a good breeder.